Prismatica Kaleidoscope Art Event in Arlington, VA

A color-filled exhibition of lights and reflections

This spring, adventure to Prismatica, the newest art event in the Arlington, VA area. Visit May 1–May 31 to explore a kaleidoscopic art experience. Towering rainbow prisms immerse you in an infinite interplay of lights and reflections, giving you a sense of wonder and joy as you wander through the exhibition.

The interactive art installation is at Ballston Quarter for one month only, so come join us for an unforgettable experience.

May 1–May 31

The Mews (Near CVS)

Prismatica kaleidoscope experience

Photo Credit: Christopher Chern

Prismatica kaleidoscope experience

Works Credits:
Conception and execution: RAW Design in collaboration with ATOMIC3
Lighting design: ATOMIC3 and Jean-François Piché
Sound: Dix au carré
Production and technical direction: ATOMIC3 + Louis Héon
Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (Montréal, Canada)